January 29, 2014

Scrappy Doo!

Hey Craft Buddies!

Its been a busy January...so much so that I am surprised it is almost over.  I have been patiently awaiting the arrival of the rest of my bathroom tile, so I quilted most of the month instead.  One of my goals of 2014 is to start making scrap quilts.  Not only are they really fun, the scrap pile is starting to take over my life a little bit, so I am really needing to reduce the load.  So I am busily digging through bags of scraps to match and contrast fabrics.  It has been really rewarding to clear off the craft table, and actually see the desk top from the depleating scrap pile that has been accumulating there.

Below is one of my first scrap reduction quilt attempts:

3 inch squares arranged in "plus" signs

Up close and personal with the quilting
I loved how simple it was and it used lots of scraps.  The neat thing was that I didn't need to have 5 squares of the same fabric.  If I only had one or two squares, they could be used as fillers around the edges.  I am definitely going to remember this pattern the next time I end up with a bunch of scraps.

I also used this pattern called "Supernova" found on the Freshly Pieced blog.  This quilt was great to assemble for two reasons.  It was a great way to utilize all those leftover fruit fabric pieces that I get from making aprons.  And, I was able to contrast the fruit fabric with coordinating and contrasting solid and print colors to really bring a bright punch to each block.  I would be interested to try this again using a neutral colored background instead of my traditional white linen.  I still have lots of scraps, so maybe I will try it again against a grey or wheat colored background.

I love how bright and cheery the colors are together

I am starting to gain a little more confidence in my sewing.  In addition to my quilt gift list, I am planning to make a pillowcase dress for a little girl....my niece to be!  My sis-in-law picked the most inspiring color pallette for her pending baby girl: Navy blue, bright pink, and grey.  I am so excited to experiment with this combination.  I am planning on the dress, a crib skirt, bumpers, pillows and curtains.  Yay!  Not to mention the one (maybe two ;) ) quilts I am making for her.  This kid will be equipped!  Whoa...its already February!!!!!  I had better get moving.....

Happy Crafting!

Btw....check out Molly on her new quilt that I made her!!!  I especially love that her pants match the quilt!


  1. My head just exploded a little over that lattice one, supernova. That is really fantastic! You have such a great color aesthetic. Thanks for sharing your pictures! Naomi

  2. Carrie, I love scrap quilts and yours are fabulous. Keep up the good work and creativity. Love you, Jo Ann.